Developing the confidence and presence to facilitate c-suite executives through complex problems usually takes years. Working Live has short tracked that progression for our consultants considerably.

Tim Golsby SmithChief Operating Operator, 2nd Road

It was a fabulous, courageous-voice giving experience for the Executive Leadership Team.

Marie ScotsonGeneral Manager - Human Resources, Baptcare Ltd

Working Live was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and it made me reflect on how I might be able to better collaborate, communicate and create. This is a crucial part of the work that I do, and I've managed to start putting in place small hacks that will benefit how I facilitate innovation and creativity in our clients."

Ann-Marie ChuaWorking Live Participant

Tony Weir of InPlay is one of a kind. I have worked with Tony on some hugely complex projects and his ability to craft brilliant clarity and simplicity is second to none. But that is merely one of his talents. I have also seen him draw out presence and poise from the most reluctant. Check him out.

Mark StrommHead of Innovation and Design

Some of our consultants are now able to take on client-facing challenges that they never would have felt comfortable to do before the Studios.

Tim FifeDirector and Lead of Capability Development, 2nd Road

Creativity and collaboration are key to solving the complex problems facing modern organisations and communities - Working Live develops a literacy with the tools required, and a confidence to engage groups in these processes.

Will Scott-KemmisWorking Live participant