We work as a partner in business projects to unlock dramatic new value in the organisation.

For leaders who want to…

…understand their people and the culture of their organisation in a richer way

…get past over-complication in words and systems, and bring some plain clear sense

…invent new ways of working, for a team or a business

…write the story of a new and possible future that invites people to join in creating.

We help strategy and innovation to flourish 
by creating powerful new perspectives 
on a stuck or puzzling situation:

by gaining a profound understanding of multiple perspectives,

by laying out the drama and the key players,

by probing a complex situation and enabling people to responding creatively as things unfold.

Tony Weir of InPlay is one of a kind. I have worked with Tony on some hugely complex projects and his ability to craft brilliant clarity and simplicity is second to none.

Mark StromHead of Innovation and Design, Third Horizon Consulting

We have over 25 years’ experience working with corporate, government and for-purpose (not-for-profit) organisations.